What to expect from a Digital Agency

It can be difficult to know whether you’re getting the most from a digital agency as everyone talks the talk and too often this talk can be peppered with unnecessary jargon. We’ve compiled some of the top level things that you should consider when selecting or reviewing your digital agency.

Personalised proposal

Before starting work your agency should provide you with a clear plan for the work that they’re going to carry out with clear explanations for why they advise this course of action. This should not be a one size fits all document, but one which clearly addresses the issues that your business faces.

Expect to receive lots of questions from your agency, they should try to learn about your company in detail so that they can support you in the best way possible.

Setting KPIs together

KPIs should include some of your key business goals, such as sales, email sign-ups or donations. It’s important that you set these KPIs together to ensure that your agency is making the best use of their time and your money. Going through the process of setting KPIs is also helpful in making sure that your agency really understands the priorities and values of your company.

Providing regular reports

These should reflect the KPIs that you’ve agreed together and include data that is meaningful; providing reports that add no value is a waste of everyone’s time. You should also discuss the frequency of reporting, most clients prefer to receive monthly reports but the frequency should suit your needs.

As well as reports we like to create Dashboards for clients so that they can access relevant data whenever necessary. People often create Dashboards in Google Analytics but we often use Google Sheets as a way to create more advanced reports.

Providing insights alongside data

Receiving just a collection of data that your agency has exported from a platform is meaningless, they need to translate this into meaningful insights to help understand the performance of any work down.

Agreeing ways of working

It’s important that both sides of the relationship are aware of the expectations and requirements of the other. For example, you might require a weekly call in preparation for an internal meeting or your agency might require data from other teams within your business. Agreeing on these at the beginning of a relationship can save a lot of bother later.

Regular contact

Personally we like to touch base at least once a week with clients where possible, but we definitely wouldn’t let 2 weeks elapse without contact. Your agency should be an extension of your team and should be in regular contact with you.

You should know what your agency are working on and why. We know that clients don’t always want in-depth information but we make sure that our clients are aware of the work that we’re doing. This way you can be sure that your agency fees are being earned.


You’re paying your agency because they’re the experts so you should receive a lot of guidance and direction from your agency; if they purely do what you’re asking for then you’re missing out on a lot of value.


You don’t necessarily need or want to understand all the facets of digital marketing, but there’s no point in receiving reports on metrics that don’t mean anything to you. Your agency should explain any metrics they report on and why these are important.