Every day, millions of people use Google and other search engines to find information, services or products they’re looking for. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of adapting your website to increase its visibility when people search for relevant words or phrases.

Making sure your content ranks top in search engines is important, but Google’s complex ranking algorithm doesn’t make it easy. Our experience in SEO means we’re able to develop a creative, goal-orientated strategy to drive you to the top of search engine results pages.

How we can help

We know that SEO can’t be siloed from other areas of digital marketing; it’s connected to user experience, PPC, content marketing and also requires a lot of data analytics and AB testing!

By using keyword data from PPC campaign performance, creating timely email, social and website content, and producing detailed analytics reports to monitor user experience, we can help ensure your pages rank for the most relevant search terms.

Once we’ve discussed your overall business objectives, we’ll run an audit of your website. This will give us an idea of main site issues and priorities. We’ll then provide you with a document, which will outline

A checklist of quick wins – this will include small changes you can make to your website to ensure that we’re covering the basics, such as optimising meta-descriptions and page titles.

A list of longer-term projects – this includes slightly bigger changes, such as optimising low-performing pages, making Call to Action buttons consistent and visible, and ensuring website navigation is optimised for positive user experience.

An ongoing strategy – this is the main piece we’ll work with you on. By developing a good understanding of your main business goals and user journey, we’ll create a strategy for optimising your current webpages, creating new content and integrating this with your PPC, social and email marketing strategies.

Throughout this work, we’ll create automated analytics dashboards and provide you with regular reports and actionable insights. This helps us ensure that our work is transparent, so that you know what’s going on at every stage of the journey.