With experienced management, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)is one the most valuable digital marketing channels for businesses. By selecting relevant keywords, developing an effective bidding strategy and creating unique ads, businesses can increase their search visibility and drive new, high-value traffic to their website.

Paid search is developing every day and with high levels of competition, innovation is key. As a team of professional digital marketers, we can work with you to create a cost-effective, scalable and goal-orientated PPC strategy to reach new audiences and stay ahead of your competitors.

How we can help

Although PPC can seem like an easy investment opportunity, it takes technical knowledge and experience to reach a targeted audience with the right keywords at the most relevant times. Paid search can also be time-consuming as it requires ongoing research, maintenance and optimisation to ensure that campaigns are providing the biggest ROI possible.

We’ve spent years developing our knowledge and skills so that we could become experts in online advertising. Between us, we’ve managed hundreds of PPC campaigns, worked on accounts in 14 countries and have 6 years worth of industry experience.

By working with teams to understand their main campaign objectives, providing regular analytics reports and insights, and giving our clients the opportunity to learn how to manage PPC campaigns themselves, we can create and implement a unique strategy that makes businesses stand out from the crowd.

Search advertising
This is the most popular form of PPC, where businesses can select relevant keywords and advertise on search engine results pages (usually Google). This is an incredibly effective way to reach high quality audiences who have specifically searched for the service you’re offering.

Display advertising
As well as advertising on Google’s search results pages, businesses are able to display text, image, video and interactive adverts on relevant websites to target their audiences in a different context. This gives you so many opportunities to be creative and make your brand stand out. Our expertise can help you develop a results-driven display strategy to take you ahead of your competitors.

Remarketing campaigns help you get the most out of your budget by to targeting users who have already visited your website. That means if a user has viewed a certain page, you can remind them about your products by showing them a relevant advert next time they’re online. This area of advertising is growing fast, so it’s a great way to be innovative with your advertising strategy.

Gmail advertising
This enables you to create adverts that show up in your users’ personal Gmail inboxes, using unique targeting tools to reach your most relevant audiences at the perfect moment.

Google Grants
If you’re a charity, having Google Grants is a no-brainer. But we appreciate that applying for this and getting your account set up can take time and skill that not every charity will have. Our extensive experience with Google Grants means we can help you get started and make the most of this programme.