One of the best ways to track user behaviour on your website is by using Google Analytics. This tool is able to track every page of your site, create automated data dashboards and give you an insight into how users are responding to your content.

Not only are our team certified in Analytics, but we’re passionate about data. We believe that every new idea we have should be tested and evaluated to ensure that we’re always making positive changes.


How we can help

By taking a look at your Google Analytics account, we can help make sure your reporting is regular, relevant and tailored to your business goals.

Google Analytics audit – we can take a look through your account to ensure that it’s been set up correctly, connect it to other Google tools and set up relevant goals, segments and events.

Automated dashboards – to help you get the most out of Google Analytics, we’ll create automated analytics dashboards tailored to your teams and display them in a structured, accessible report.

Regular reporting and insights – if you’re looking for regular reporting to give you a detailed understanding of user engagement on your site, we can update you with weekly, monthly or quarterly reports, alongside actionable insights to optimise your content.