Case Studies

Case Studies

Breast Cancer Now

Breast Cancer Now appointed Third Edge to manage the Search and Display marketing of their mass participation event ‘wear it pink’ in 2017.

We were tasked with managing their Search campaigns across Google and Bing, and their Google Display campaigns.

Project Objectives
  • Bring onboard registrations at a Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) of under £13
  • Reach a new audience who might not have previously engaged with wear it pink or Breast Cancer Now
  • Help bring the 2 brands together to ensure wear it pink participants are aware that it’s in aid of Breast Cancer Now

What we did
Our key focus was on AdWords Search (as opposed to Display and Bing) as this was the channel proven to drive the most registrations.

We ran 5 campaigns including 15 ad groups - an increase from 3 campaigns and 10 ad groups in 2017. We changed the account structure in this way as we wanted to create tightly defined ad groups for better targeting. The average CTR across the whole account increased by over 140% from 9.4% to 22.8% as a result of these changes.

We also introduced some new indirect campaigns which targeted on people searching for related phrases. These contributed 15 % of registrations this year (compared to just 1% the previous year) and it’s an area we expect to see strong growth in 2018.

We initially replicated AdWords campaigns into Bing but then optimised it separately as differences in performance began to appear.

Looking at performance for 2016 we felt that there were some new strategies which we could apply to improve performance.

Spotting low CPCs and competition for an awareness campaign we moved this into the Grants account which resulted in a saving of over £400 with no change in performance.

We tested some new ad types, such as running Countdown ads as the event grew near in order to increase the urgency of the registration ask:

After the event, we split out our targeting to ensure that any users searching for generic terms saw the appropriate ads. This included:
  • Those who had registered would see an ad reminding them to pay in fundraising
  • Visitors who hadn’t signed up would see an ad encouraging them to sign up to run the event another time
  • Completely new users would see an ad with general information about the event

Across all of these we also ran ad extensions highlighting the other options. This was to ensure that people searching on a different device to which they signed up still saw the most relevant option.

Through monitoring Search Term reports we were also able to assist with attribution for other channels by indicating relevant search terms coming through based on magazine or postal campaign messaging.

For Display we decided to also retarget users who visited the Breast Cancer Now challenge events pages, on the basis that these people were engaged enough to want to support Breast Cancer Now. As this was a new audience for 2017 the audience wasn't large, but this will be a valuable new audience for 2018.

The results
Taking learnings from the 2016 event, we were able to maximise spend on the best performing campaigns and ad groups meaning that we were able to deliver an increase in conversions at a much reduced CPA.

Overall through our optimisations we were able to deliver a reduction in CPA YoY of 11% from Google and a huge 53% from Bing.

Having been appointed to manage the 2018 campaigns we are keen to build on the successes of 2018 to increase registrations whilst continuing our work on delivering at an affordable rate.

The team at Breast Cancer Now said...
"Third Edge were excellent at managing our PPC campaigns for wear it pink. They provided timely, cost effective service and valuable reporting throughout the campaign. We were very pleased with the results and with their suggestions for new testing we could use. We are excited to be working with them again this year and recommend their services to other charities looking for a small, reliable agency to manage their PPC."