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Keeping Up With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a constantly evolving field, so we’ve created this introductory list to give you a starting point for who to follow and what to read to keep up to date. We’ve broken the list into these sections:

You can also find what you're looking for using our colour system in the right column. Hopefully that will help you if you're looking for a specific topic!

Digital Marketers to follow on Twitter

  • Rand Fishkin - Founder and former CEO of Moz, as well as an author and co-founder of He specialises in SEO and content, and is great to follow for digital updates and blogs.
  • Kelvin Newman - Founder and MD of Rough Agenda, the company that organises events like BrightonSEO and Measurefest. Follow for updates on these events and general digital chat.
  • Larry Kim - Founder of Wordstream, conference speaker and frequent blogger for sites like Search Engine Land and Moz. Follow for info on entrepreneurship, content, social and paid ads.
  • Avinash Kaushik - Web analytics specialist, author and creator of popular blog Occam’s Razor. Avinash is a must follow for anyone interested in digital analytics.
  • Lee Odden - Lee is CEO of digital marketing agency TopRank Marketing. He is also an author and public speaker, specialising in digital marketing and PR.
  • Jeff Bullas - Entrepreneur, blogger, author, marketer and speaker. Follow for posts about content marketing, general digital marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Barry Schwartz - News editor of Search Engine Land and founder of Search Engine Roundtable, a popular search blog. He also owns New York web consultancy firm, Rusty Brick.
  • Will Critchlow - Founder and CEO of Distilled, blogger and hoster of the SearchLove conference. Follow for posts on SEO, content marketing and event updates.
  • Julie Dodd - Director of Digital Transformation at Parkinsons UK and author of The New Reality, a research study about how digital technology can deliver change.
  • Mike Street - Hosts SmallBrownVoices, a popular business podcast. Posts about business, entrepreneurship and general digital marketing.
  • Nathalie Nahai - ‘Web psychologist’, conference speaker and best-selling author. Nathalie tweets about how we can use psychology to improve our digital efforts.
  • Matt Collins - Founder and managing director of Platypus Digital, which specialises in digital marketing for non-profits. Follow for posts about digital marketing in the charity sector.
  • Daniel Gilbert - Founder of London-based digital agency, Brainlabs. Specialises in PPC and posts regularly about PPC and general search marketing updates.
  • Anna Lewis - Founder of Polka Dot Data, conference speaker and blogger. Expert in Digital Analytics, but also experienced in SEO and PPC. Follow mostly for tweets about analytics.
  • Lisa Myers - Founder of London-based digital agency, Verve. Posts regularly about entrepreneurship, business, SEO and general digital marketing.
  • Seth Godin - Best selling author and public speaker. Writes about business, how things change, the way ideas spread, marketing, leadership and a host of other interesting topics.
  • Danny Sullivan - Founding Editor of Marketing Land and Search Engine Land. Follow for regular posts on SEO, PPC and general Google updates.
  • Brian Dean - Founder of Backlinko and expert in SEO. Follow him for actionable posts about general digital marketing and SEO.
  • Aleyda Solis - Founder of Oraniti, a digital agency specialising in International SEO. Also a regular blogger, conference speaker and author. Follow for tweets about International SEO.
  • Alexandra Tachalove - Founder of Digital Olympus, a free online digital marketing conference. Expect tweets across a range of digital marketing topics and updates on the next Digital Olympus.
  • Purna Virji - Senior Bing Ads Training Manager and international speaker. Mostly tweets about Bing ads, but also covers broader digital marketing topics.

Digital Marketing Companies to follow on Twitter

  • Google Analytics - Follow for general information and updates about Google Analytics, as well as blogs and tips for using GA features. Also great to get in touch with if you ever need help!
  • Google Adwords - Follow for information and updates about Google AdWords, as well as blogs about PPC. You can also give them a nudge if you're having any trouble with AdWords.
  • Moz - These guys will give you some amazing blogs, videos and updates about search and content marketing. They'll keep you updated on the SEO world and provide general digital chat.
  • Search Engine Land - Another great account to follow for general Google updates and top tips on SEO, PPC and data analytics.
  • Distilled - Distilled are an online marketing agency, who tweet about general digital marketing info, event updates and advice on business strategy and development.
  • Builtvisible - Builtvisible are a digital agency specialising in SEO and content marketing. Follow them for digital marketing updates, great SEO tips and creative content marketing ideas.
  • Koozai - Koozai are another great digital marketing. They often tweet about SEO, content marketing and paid search, as well as giving you general updates in the digital world.
  • Periscopix - Periscopix are a digital agency specialising in PPC, programmatic display and data analytics. You can follow them for updates and tips on all of these topics.
  • Social Media Today - Follow for everything you could ever want to know about social media, including insights, updates, tips and best practices.

Conveniently we’ve created a handy Twitter list including all of the above - you just need to Subscribe to it and you’ll immediately have access to all their great Tweets without having to add them all manually!

This sits separately to your main twitter feed which means you can keep work and play separate.

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News sites and blogs
By following the people we’ve suggested on Twitter you’re likely to see posts from these sites shared regularly but it’s worth checking them out on a regular basis:

Podcasts and videos

Educational courses, guides and resources
There are some brilliant courses available online to learn a myriad of digital skills:

  • Distilled U - If you’re completely new to SEO and digital marketing, this online university with interactive modules and videos is a great place to start!
  • Coursera - With this you can study with some of the best universities in the world on a range of subjects including quite a lot of marketing, digital or otherwise.
  • Udemy - This has some particularly good courses if you want to learn some basic (or advanced) coding. You can usually get a good discount too!
  • Lynda - With a small monthly subscription charge, you can get access to a wide range of digital, design and technology courses.
  • Google Analytics Academy - This is a great way to learn more about the Google Analytics basics and chat with people in the GA community.
  • AdWords Certification Study Guide - This is a training guide for people studying for Google's certification, although it's also perfect for anyone hoping to learn the AdWords basics.
  • Google Digital Garage - This is a fantastic resource by Google, with free tutorials covering most digital marketing channels.
  • The Beginner’s Guide to SEO - If you're into search, this is the place to start. It's the perfect overview of SEO, created by Moz.
  • Link Building Tactics - Tips, best practices and generally everything you need to know about Link building, created by Point Blank SEO.
  • SEO Tools: The Complete List - This is a comprehensive list of all the tools you could ever need for your SEO campaigns, created by Backlinko.
  • Basic SEO Checklist - Creating a new website? Clickminded have created a great checklist to work through to ensure your site is fully optimised.

Digital Events

Free events

  • BrightonSEO - This is a one-day search marketing conference, with a great variety of speakers and topics to choose from. Tickets are free, but you'll have to be quick!
  • Search London - Every 8 weeks, Search London brings professionals from across the industry to talk about search and social strategies.
  • PPC Chat Live - This is a monthly event, with 2 or 3 speakers talking about various PPC topics. It started life as a weekly Twitter chat, which still happens every Tuesday at #ppcchat.
  • Benchmark Search Conference - This in an annual one-day event held in Manchester. It involves a range of SEO and PPC talks by digital professionals across the sector.
  • Measurecamp - A digital analytics conference held in various locations. Tickets are free, although these events are usually held on a Saturday - so you need to be keen!
  • Measurefest - A fantastic one-day conference diving into a broad range of digital analytics topics. Held at the Barbican in London.
  • Digital Olympus - An online only conference that takes place every few months. Expect a world class range of speakers covering an eclectic mix of topics across the digital spectrum.
  • Web Analytics Wednesdays - This is a London-based evening event; a great place to network, have a few drinks and learn a bit more about analytics.

Paid events

It's worth noting that even if you can’t afford to attend these events, you can follow along on Twitter and often find a lot of the slides online afterwards!

  • Searchlove - Organised by Distilled, this is a two-day conference covering a wide range of topics in the world of search.
  • MozCon - This three-day annual event explores topics around SEO, social media, analytics, content and loads more.
  • HeroConf - Hero Conf is a fantastic three-day gathering of experienced digital advertising professionals talking solely about PPC.
  • PubCon - Pubcon is an annual conference focused on social, SEO, digital advertising, and the future of technology.

See anyone that you think we’re missing? Just let us know!

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