#CharityDigitalChat – A Regular Twitter Chat

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We’re excited to be launching and running #CharityDigitalChat! A regular chat on twitter about all things Digital in the charity sector.

What is #CharityDigitalChat

#CharityDigitalChat is a bi-monthly Twitter Q&A discussion for those working on Digital within the third sector. The aim is to start discussions within the industry and create an open, accessible space to share ideas.

How do I join in?

On the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month we’ll convene on Twitter at 12.30 and we’ll raise a number of questions on a pre-selected topic.

Why those dates? Well we didn’t want to arrange it in the first week of the month because that’s when people are often busy with reporting!

All you need to do is follow/use the hashtag and join in with the discussion by answering our questions and responding to other users.

Most importantly – you don’t need to be an expert! We hope to hear from people with all experience levels, from various roles and charities of all sizes. We just want to spark an interesting debate and hopefully we’ll all learn something!

What are the topics?

We’ve set out ideas for the first few topics, but after that we’ll be asking the community to suggest topics for us to cover. We’re starting fairly broad in order to make it accessible, but later we may start to tackle more detailed topics.

Wednesday 11th July – Digital channels

Example questions:

  • What channels do you use?
  • Which channels work the best? (time invested vs results)
  • Have you given up on any channels?
  • Are there any new channels you’re trying?

Wednesday 25th July – Favourite digital campaigns

Wednesday 8th August – Digital strategy

Wednesday 22nd August – Top digital tools

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