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One of the best ways to track user behaviour on your website is by using Google Analytics. This tool is able to track every page of your site, create automated data dashboards and give you an insight into how users are responding to your content. (more…)

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most effective way of reaching audiences who have already interacted with your brand.
Users who sign up receive emails have already shown an interest in you and (presumably) want to hear more. The difficult part is working out exactly what they’re interested in! (more…)


With experienced management, Pay-Per-Click (PPC)is one the most valuable digital marketing channels for businesses. By selecting relevant keywords, developing an effective bidding strategy and creating unique ads, businesses can increase their search visibility and drive new, high-value traffic to their website. (more…)

About us

We’re a London-based team of digital professionals who are passionate about search, social, content, analytics and all things digital.

Our aim is to find a way for businesses to get more out of their agencies. By using unique, effective and tailored techniques, we help businesses, charities and other organisations launch themselves ahead of competitors by developing a unique, goal-orientated digital marketing strategy.

About our team


Third Edge provided a fantastic workshop. From knowing barely anything about PPC, I now feel confident about setting up and running an AdWords account!

PPC workshop feedback Workshop attendee

“I was really pleased with the support I received from Third Edge with regards to our charity’s Google Adwords account. They quickly provided an insightful report of our key campaigns and great recommendations – all written in accessible language.”

Brain and Spine Foundation Google AdWords account audit

“Third Edge are a fantastic resource for managing our PPC marketing via Google Grants. From the initial set-up to organising campaigns and analysing reports, they have always provided clear direction and advice. It is so reassuring to know we have access to expert and friendly support at every stage.”

Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust Google AdWords Grants support

“Third Edge have been crucial in managing and developing our digital marketing strategy. They quickly grasped and effectively connected with our organisation’s business needs, ethos, mentality and purpose. They were up and running straight away, giving us clear guidance and strategic direction with prompt and clear communication. They have always displayed professionalism and dedication to their work.”

Gearing up Digital strategy, SEO and social media support

“Third Edge has been an absolute God send. They took care of everything, provided me with exceptionally detailed website reports and took complete control of my online advertising. Unlike other companies I have worked with in the past, they provide a personal service working with you to understand the needs and requirements of your company. They are in constant contact and I feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Emily’s Entertainment PPC and SEO support

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Small supporter actions that make a big difference

We’re all used to seeing the same, standard asks from charities – donate money or volunteer with us. Often the volunteering requires a time commitment which immediately puts some people off, and with donations there are so many charities asking for money that it’s difficult to cut through the noise. In recent months we’ve noticed […]

Guide to the new Google AdWords Grant scheme requirements

At the end of 2017 Google announced that they were introducing changes to the Google Grants scheme. These are sizeable changes which could have a big impact on your account. The changes have taken effect from January 1st, with changes needing to be made as soon as possible. Below is information on the changes as well […]

Step-by-step guide to creating an AdWords Campaign

This is a step-by-step guide to the creation of an AdWords campaign in a Grants Account. It’s from the perspective of creating your first campaign, but it all holds true whether you’re creating your first campaign during the Grants account creation process or whether it’s your fiftieth! It’s hopefully just a useful resource to walk you through […]

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